Chef Time!

Chef Time!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Search Is Finally Over!!

For years, I have been searching for that one true love.
As time went on, I thought that I may never find that mythical person that was to be my soulmate and true love.
So rather than staying on the road searching, I took a shortcut. There I found someone, who was to be as time went on, a terrible person in disguised. She taught me the complete opposite of what love was meant to be. After she passed away, I never given it much thought to continue searching for that true love again. But it could be farther from the truth.

This woman, Rebecca Marie Steinhour. Walked into my life.
Ever since the first day I met her, she has gone and controlled my very heart and soul. From the first time I saw her, I knew that I have found my true love, my soulmate.

But we have been separated by many miles, but we are still trying to build a new relationship. At least I hope we are.
So Rebecca Marie, if you're reading this, which I hope you are.
I love you so very much, more than life itself.
I want you to still be my wife, my partner, my lover, my best friend and most of all, my Cinderella.

So I ask you again my darling Rebecca Marie, please take my hand and let's begin a new life together. Let's make this new relationship stronger and more loving than ever before. Let's shoot for the stars, let's start a whole new life.

Sposami ti amo.

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