Chef Time!

Chef Time!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Chocolate Isn't Just For Desserts Anymore!

Last year, I published many ebooks. One is Chocolate Isn't Just For Desserts Anymore.  I have published this cook book, with having in mind that chocolate can be used as a seasoning rather than just as a sweet dessert.
In this blog posting, I will present just a few of what is in my cookbook. If you want to buy this cookbook or any of my other cookbooks, just go to www.smashwords. com.

Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Sauce for Beef Roasts:
An amazing sauce or even gravy for roasted beef is made with a hint of very bitter chocolate. I like to create a basic yet flavorful beef stock that is reduced to one cup. Then waiting a melody of leeks and garlic till caramel color, reglazing with a burgundy blend wine, adding fresh rosemary, then about 2 ounces of 72% good quality bittersweet chocolate. Allow the sauce to gently simmer until it coats the back of a spoon and add about 4 tablespoons of unsalted butter to finish. This sauce has been featured in over hundreds of wine dinners and always makes a lasting impression for family gatherings.

Sweet Diablo Buerre Blanc:
Now if you consider yourself an advanced culinary exposé to your realm of knowledge in food trends, I challenge you to try this out. This recipe is a killer with poultry, pork, lamb, and salmon. Buerre Blanc is a classic French Sauce, that literally means white butter. The sauce has many variations although the basic is made with white wine, garlic, shallot, bay leaves, then cocoa butter is whisk or emulsified with in the reduced wine, creating a rich buttery sauce.

My professional arena with creating food has always stemmed from taking ideas, concepts and ingredients that are not normally thought to go together. This is what I love most about food and cooking out side of the bix , that melds into an unique one of a kind culinary experience., thate in the recipe t be worried about them being over chocolatey, but there is just enough flavor for depth.

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