Chef Time!

Chef Time!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Wedding Like No Other

Back in March, I was approached with a request for a wedding cake for an April wedding. But not just any wedding cake, for she wanted something different and not much heard of in this neck of the woods.
She also gave me some other requests and guidelines for this one-of-a-kind cake. She didn’t want to spend a lot money on it as well (I didn’t ask her why). So for a week, I pondered about how to make a wedding that would be considered as “one-of-a-kind.”
Rice Krispie Wedding Cake

When one of my co-workers was making a couple of large sheets of rice krispies to make krispie bars, it struck me like a bolt of lightening. I can make a rice krispie wedding cake!
I called my customer and told her of my idea, and she sounded as ecstatic as I was of the idea of having a rice krispie wedding cake.
When I sat out to do the task at hand, I never realized just how simple this was going to be. It took a lot of the cereal, marshmallow and butter, but it was also a lot of fun.
There is no special recipe for this, it is made as if you’re going to make the bars. Instead, I made the sheets, cut them into the appropriate sized squares and stack them using marshmallow in between each layer. After I made each tier four layers high, I then went and placed ribbons at the base of each tier. The I placed strawberries and grapes at each corner and centered on the top as well.

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