Chef Time!

Chef Time!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Wedding Ideas

With the summer approaching, two things come to mind. Romance and weddings. I have made my share of wedding cakes, knowing that at most they are completely out of the client’s budget. But yet, they still want the cake.
But there are new ideas and alternatives, that are beginning to become the trending factor.
There are Wedding Cupcakes, whereas the Bride and groom can provide a cupcake for each of their guests and still have a small two tier (6 inch and 4 inch tiers). Then there are individual Mini wedding cakes, cheesecakes and also wedding cookies. These are by far better options for making your wedding day a lot less costly and more unique.

wedding ideas
From the top left corner going clockwise are mini wedding cake, wedding cheesecakes, wedding cookies and last, are wedding cupcakes.

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