Chef Time!

Chef Time!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Reposting Of An Old Post. Have A Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Cooler Corn
I have published this already back in October of last year, and I thought it would be worth posting this again. Especially since summertime is officially beginning as of Memorial Day Weekend.

When you work in the culinary field as long as I have, you would think that you have seen just about everything there is to cooking techniques. Well today I was proven wrong. As I was preparing the College Students dinner tonight, my boss came to me with a flyer that was printed from the Internet.
As I read the printed sheet, I was amazed and in awe as to how simple this technique for cooking corn on the cob.
If you are having a large family gathering or barbecue and is planning to have corn on the cob, then this is for you. Having a large tailgate party? Again, this is for you.
All you to do is fill a large clean cooler with as much corn as you want, add two kettles of steaming hot water and close the lid. Thirty minutes later, you'll be eating perfectly cooked corn. With the lid shut, it will stay hot for hours. How long exactly, I do not know for sure.

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