Chef Time!

Chef Time!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cooking Pakistani Style

How many different ways are there to cook Chicken? 100? 1000? Probably yes! Chicken is like blank will take up any color (flavor here) you cook it in. It goes well in very spicy Thai dishes, as well as milder tasting Chinese dishes. You can make Spicy as well as mild Indian curries with it. Use it in soups and salads. You can fry it, boil it, roast it, sauté it, and shred it It will take up any flavor.
One thing I haven't tasted and probably never want to is, Chicken dessert!
Oh wait! Who would make that? I know, they make Turkey Ice cream. Yes you read right. TURKEY ICE CREAM. On the 'Iron Chef ' competitions on food network! Who would want to eat that?
Not me at least!
I made this Chicken Jalfarezi with boneless chicken that I had purchased. 'Chicken Jalfarezi' is a dish with thick sauce and veggies like Onion, Green pepper and tomatoes. The spiciness can differ from mild tasting to spicy.


Chicken Jalfarezi

3 lb. Chicken breast-boneless
8 oz. Green Pepper
8 oz. Tomato
8 oz. Onion (Red-Large)
1 tsp. Cumin Seed
10 Garlic cloves
2 oz. Ginger root
2 oz. Green Chili pepper
2 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Red Chili powder
1 tsp. Turmeric Powder
8 oz. Butter solids
Cut chicken in to 2 x 2 inch pieces. Dice 6 oz. tomatoes, 6 oz. onions & all green peppers into 1" pieces.  Melt butter in a wok. Finely cut 2 oz. onions. Finely dice garlic cloves and make a paste. Add chicken pieces, finely cut onions, cumin seeds, salt & garlic to butter and mix well. Cover and let the chicken steam at medium heat. Stir occasionally. Finely chop remaining 2 oz. tomatoes. Cut ginger into julienne. Wash cilantro and separate leaves from stem. Remove cover. Add red chilies, turmeric powder, green chilies &
finely chopped tomatoes. Mix well and let the chicken cook in this mixture at medium heat until almost all water has evaporated. Add julienne garlic when half the water has evaporated. Add diced green peppers, onions & tomatoes and mix. Turn off heat and add cilantro. Cover. Keep the cover in place for at least 5 minutes.

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