Chef Time!

Chef Time!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Children and Restaurants Good or Bad?

I wrote this piece some awhile back, thought it was worth bringing this up again. For there are still publicized arguments still taking place.

Recently, there has been alot of noise about children under the age of six, being ban from a restaurant in Monroeville,PA. The Wall Street Journal has wrote an article about it, as well as it being mentioned on national news.
As for my self, I don't agree with the owner, nor do I disagree either. The public has never truly been informed as to how the owner came to this drastic decision.
I have been in the food service industry for well over thirty years and I like to think that I have seen it all. But banning children from a restaurant completely may be a little harsh. There are times when I would see children running around the dining area, but that is not the children's fault. I've seen children crying and screaming that they are hungry, tired or thirsty, but that is not the children's fault.
I have been in a few restaurants, where there were signs stating "Children must be accompanied with an adult at the buffet or salad bar". Is it the child's fault when he or she is getting their food, while the parent is either visiting with someone or is either texting or chatting on the cellphone? There were signs everywhere in plain sight, but yet they were ignored. Can a child under the age of six read such signs?
But let us not stop there, lets ban another age group or anyone else that makes our dining less enjoyable. Lets see, hmm where do I begin. I know, lets start with people cellphones with nerve-wrecking or idiotic ringtones.    I don't mind an occasional call or two from the next table over, but when its constant and the person is loud. Okay lets ban them. How about happy people that are celebrating an important event? Too loud! Ban them now!!!
Now I know that I'm not the average sized guy, as you can see from my profile picture. In fact, my stomach just gave my mouth an award for Over and Beyond the call of feeding duty. But my biggest pet peeve is the fact that there are people that do not know how to sit properly at the table. There are some that has to sit twenty miles from the table to eat. Or how about trying to squeeze through narrow walkways, while they are twenty miles from the table. Oh what should we do? I know lets ban them while we are banning everyone else that gets on our nerves.
After we banned all the above groups, what's next? Well lets see, there are people in wheelchairs, senior citizens waiters, waitresses, management and the cooks! Anyone that would make our dining experience less enjoyable should be ban as well as children.
But if we was to ban every little thing that bothers us while we are eating, there would be no reason to have a restaurant, diner or cafe.

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